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Symbio with 67 years’ experience in pressure sensitive adhesive

—— Interview with Arthur Cheng, Associate Director of Symbio, Inc.

Symbio with 67 years’ experience in pressure sensitive adhesive

Symbio, Inc. is experienced in pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) manufacturing for 67 years.

“We provide adhesive tape solution for customers from many industries, such as construction, electronics, consumer, etc. We give customers excellent products and services, and commit to be the great business partner,” said Arthur Cheng.

Symbio’s in-house R&D team is knowledgeable in pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and polymerization, which help in developing polymer materials to create adhesive formulations. The company has its own production, coating technology, and processing equipment, which provide proper product solutions for several applications.

“Our understanding of polymer synthesis allows us to flexibly adjust the formulation to quickly respond to the demands of customers, “he added.

Recently, Symbio has been developing high voltage and temperature resistant products to respond according to the trends in electric vehicles, as well 5G products, which obtains ultra-thin and high heat dissipation characteristics.

Symbio's Role in the Post-Epidemic Era

Digitization accelerated; 5G and semiconductor industries are becoming important. Symbio has invested in the development of optoelectronic application materials that meet the requirements and certifications of many countries for customers in 5G, automatic vehicles and semiconductor fields. For example, high-voltage wiring harnesses for EV that requires reliability and safety for wiring harness under various driving conditions, the company develops specialized high-voltage wiring harness tape for this application.

Moreover, no matter how long the epidemic persist, sustainability issue is rising as well as energy saving, carbon reduction, and environmental protection awareness has been focused.

Arthur Cheng state, “We develop biodegradable and compostable materials, which can be used for producing adhesive tapes, labels, plastic bags, and extrusion molding products, instead of conventional tapes; this product can de decomposed without harming environment, making outstanding contributions to ecological and environmental protection.”

2021 AMPA Highlight

1. High Voltage Wiring Harness Tape, features: PVC backings material, flame retardant, Low VOC; High temperature resistance 100c X 120hrs; High voltage resistance: passing 1000V*1min; For bundling and protecting applications.

2. Electrical Insulation Tapes, features: Offering materials which has great insulation properties: Polyester film (PET), Acetate Cloth, Glass Fiber Cloth, Polyimide (PI), NOMEX; Our products are UL certified; Our products are divided into 3 groups according to insulation system: Class B, Class F, Class H.

Symbio is committed to providing adhesive solutions. “We create something worthwhile for industrial customers and consumers. We also have sales network, factories, and branch offices in many countries to offer total solutions and customization for our valued customers,” he remarked.

“We hope to see new potential partners in AMPA Online,” Arthur Cheng finally said.

Symbio, Inc.
Contact: Jolly Chen
Phone: +886-2-2995-8001 ext.10832
Fax: +886-2-2995-8137

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