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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are adjusting their working pattern and life style. Working from home, telemedicine, digital learning, online payment, home entertainment, network security and smart city solutions are widely implemented. High speed internet and remote communication have become the must-have items for almost every city, office, hospital, school, and household. It is the perfect timing now for technology players to expand their businesses!

Myanmar’s recent digital transformation contributes to the prevalence of mobile Internet usage and soaring population of online gamers. More than 90% of Myanmar’s 53 million population access the Internet via mobile devices, which leads to the booming of digital and e-sport industry. In light of local demands, Taipei World Trade Center will hold the first Asia Computing and Gaming Show- COMTECH Myanmar, at the Lotte Hotel in Yangon on September 11 to 12, 2020.

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the organizer of COMTECH Myanmar 2020 will provide special offers to companies engaged in ICT, IoT, E-solution and E-sport sectors who wish to participate in the show. Special rental rates listed below could be offered to applicants based on the different scenarios and whichever best suits their needs.
offer 1
For "COMPUTEX Taipei 2020" (Sept.28-30) Or "COMTECH India 2020" (Sept.29-Oct.1) exhibitors who would like to participate in "COMTECH Myanmar 2020" (Sept.11-12):
Renting 6 square meters: US$1,100
(tax included, raw space)
Renting 12 square meters or more: US$1,000
for every 6 square meters (tax included, raw space)
offer 2
For those who are not COMPUTEX Taipei or COMTECH India exhibitors this year, but are qualified to exhibit in "COMTECH Myanmar 2020":
Renting 6 square meters: US$1,400
(tax included, raw space)
Renting 6 square meters: US$1,500
(tax included, with shell scheme)
Renting 12 square meters or more: US$1,300
for every 6 square meters (tax included, raw space)
Note: Each company can only apply for one of the above special offers, and it is subjected to scrutiny of the organizer.
The exhibitors can be company HQs or their Myanmar agencies.
6  themes
6 themes
Value-Added Service:
A tour on Sep. 9th to visit ICT related organizations, ICT park, importers, retailers, or distributors in Yangon.
show date and logo Organizer: Taipei World Trade Center
Contact: Ms. Evonne Lee
Tel: 02-2725-5200 ext. 2864
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